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01/06/2023 à 17:00
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    At the core of Missak’s practice is a three-part journey: inspiration and conception, exploration via digital experimentation, and execution through manual articulation. 

    First comes an idea for how shapes can exist in unison. 

    How dimension and weight can override flatness leading into a three dimensional space in the viewer’s mind. 

    Compositional mockups are worked and reworked into variations of shapes, colors, and structures. 

    Missak utilizes technology to support his endless journey of discovery and refinement. 

    By sketching his paintings on a computer, Missak is free to embrace trial and error with no limits. 

    Then he can emphatically transpose that liberty onto the canvas. 

    With a sureness of hand he achieves a balance between the boldness behind his gestural, expressive stroke, and the precision of his meticulous draftsmanship. 

    Over the course of several decades, Missak has mastered the ways in which he combines paint, canvas, and the use of specific brushes to form incredibly vibrant surfaces. 



    Skyhill is the holy place where the heavens touch the earth. Like God reaching out a finger to create Adam, it is a sacred place that elevates our souls from ground to sky. Olympus, Everest, Faraya. The secret of our existence lies waiting at the summit.

    Palm Tree

    The Palm Tree is always found in places of comfort. The beach, the oasis. A waystation and welcome respite from the hot sun. Its fronds welcomed Christ to Jerusalem and so it welcomes you.


    Water Lilies

    Monet spoke of his Water Lilies as an extension of his life. They represent all the things required to live: shelter, food, beauty. Shift your perspective and see them as the fish do, towering above, dappling the warm sunlight.


    Olive Tree

    To gaze upon the gnarled trunk of the Olive Tree is to understand the human condition itself. It turns and twists, striving upwards. Its fruit yields the lifeblood of nations.


    The Rock Series

    When considered from the right perspective, each Rock is unto itself a mountain. It is our foundation. To skip a stone is to skip time itself. To hold a pebble is to hold an eternity.


    Dollar Bill

    Money is greed objectified. Money is power, success, freedom, a cushion. Money’s power shapes our character.It replaces the heart with an ever expanding black hole.




    Gemmayze، Beirut





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