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20/12/2022 à 14:00
Jusqu'au 22/12/2022

    Established in London in 1986, de Gournay is a family business specializing in the creation of the world’s finest hand-painted wallcoverings, fabrics, and porcelain. Every artist involved has a profound knowledge of the techniques, processes, and tools of the craft allowing us unlimited bespoke capabilities. With access to archives built up over decades, we offer clients the opportunity to transform their dreams into reality, although many of our designs are deeply rooted in the past, our creative team and studio artists are passionate about innovating and adapting our products to contemporary settings.


    Situated within an Italianate apartment, in the Ashrafieh quarter of Beirut-Lebanon, de Gournay’s showroom is a breathtaking rendition of our unrivaled expertise in artisanal techniques for interiors. A network of high-ceilinged rooms around a soaring central salon - are installed throughout with a resplendent series of hand-painted wallcoverings that also play host to exciting new interpretations of de Gournay’s hand embroideries, more here.


    In light of the festive season, our Beirut showroom is being renovated for the reveal of two new designs located in adjacent rooms. We have rendered the entire space ornate for Christmas and are welcoming the public to visit our open house on the 20th, 21st, and 22nd of December, from 2.00 PM to 7.00 PM


    de Gournay


    Achrafieh, Beirut





    Event side1 top (square shape or rectangular where the height is bigger than the width)
    Event side2 down (square shape or rectangular where the height is bigger than the width)