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13/02/2024 à 17:00
Jusqu'au 08/03/2024

    Step into the world of “Encounter... Rencontre... لِقاء...,” an exhibition that explores the profound interconnection between love and hope. In times of uncertainty and adversity, these two forces act as guiding light, leading us through the complexities of our shared human experience. Through the masterful works of Haifa Khodr Husni Bey, this show presents a visual spectacle that celebrates the enduring power of love and the transformative nature of hope.


    Haifa’s artworks delve into the depths of our souls, emphasizing the significance of love and hope in our lives. The skillful balance of colors and contrasts creates an enchanting atmosphere that is both dreamlike and mysterious. As multiple layers of hues are applied to the canvas, themes and narratives gradually unfold, exuding a sense of energy and movement


    “Encounter... Rencontre... لِقاء..." beckons us to embrace the joys of life and seek happiness. Through her creations, Haifa takes us on a captivating journey that embodies the ability of love to triumph over all obstacles, heal wounds, and inspire personal growth.


    May you “Embrace” the radiant bonds of love, hope, and happiness; that are beautifully manifested throughout this exhibition!


    Chaos Art Gallery


    Achrafieh, Sursock Street





    Event side1 top (square shape or rectangular where the height is bigger than the width)
    Event side2 down (square shape or rectangular where the height is bigger than the width)