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24 Universes, Dzovig Arnelian


02/09/2021 à 15:00
Jusqu'au 25/09/2021

    24 Universes are a complete cycle of feminine sensibilities pressed unto auditory pads. Using my body, “nipples” to be specific, I transmit sensitive paint from my most feminine entities unto circular Saxophone pads that belong to my father. Expressing a complex research in female identity I use my own breasts to make a sophisticated statement about femininity and freedom in expressing female sexuality in a patriarchal society. 


    In a vibrant circle within multiple squares, I create a bold assertion of creative persistence in expressing effeminate yearning. In this series, I printed my nipples in various colors on 24 pads, which resembled my age when I completed the project. Each Pad is set in the center of the frame presenting female sensitivity as the core of the universe. 


    The pads are circular and colorful contrasting the black background and the static frame. This contrast is created to manifest the power of art and boldness in feminist art against enclosed and limited patriarchal societies.




    Gemmayzé, rue Gouraud, 1804, imm Rmeil





    Event side1 top (square shape or rectangular where the height is bigger than the width)
    Event side2 down (square shape or rectangular where the height is bigger than the width)