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Du 18/01/2024 à 00:00 jusqu'au 29/02/2024 à 00:00

Under the auspices of the Italian Cultural Institute in Abu Dhabi, ArtBooth presents: “Will You Wait For Me Under That Pine Tree?” - A Solo Art Exhibition by the Lebanese-Italian artist Gilbert Halaby.  Showcasing 13 Oil on linen paintings, the exhibition pays homage to Halaby’s roots, as he lovingly recreates the serene land- scapes of his village. The houses, with their unique character and charm, stand as a testament to the artist’s deep connection to the place he calls home, towered by the majestic pine tree.


“Everything became possible because of me moving to Rome, I went back to Lebanon with my houses and pine trees because I was able to find my new home in the Eternal city, where I could pursue my pas- sion and love for painting”


The exhibition takes inspiration from the childhood memories of the artist Gilbert Halaby, what he likes to call “moments of light”. After his first solo exhibition at the Beit Beirut Museum, where he exhibited this voyage of memories back to Lebanon specifically his village, Dhour el Choueir, this journey continues to reach Abu Dhabi with his solitary homes and pine trees.


Gilbert Halaby masterfully employs primary and vibrant colors because this is what he wants to carry from his childhood, the colorful memories and not the dark memories of war. His expert brushwork brings to life the intricate textures and interplay of light and shadow within each composition. The delicate strokes and careful layering of oil paint create a unique depth and sense of movement, specifically the little bright houses, evoking a sense of nostalgia and a longing for home, wherever it might be. 


During the years, he kept “Home” at the center of his artistic work, and he developed his philosophical thoughts around it. He goes all the way to simplifying it and transforming it into a pine tree since trees were indeed the first shelter for humans, and they shall be their last.


“Will You Wait For Me Under That Pine Tree?” is not only a visual feast for art enthusiasts but also a poignant exploration of the artist’s personal and emotional journey. 


The artist cherishes his solitude and represents it with the solitary homes and pine trees he used to encounter while playing in his village in solitude when he was able to be out of the shelter.

Through his unique technique, Gilbert Halaby invites viewers to reflect on their own memories and experiences.


About Gilbert Halaby

Lebanese-Italian artist Gilbert Halaby was born in 1979 in a village in Mount Lebanon. For as long as he can remember, he loved to paint. Halaby was captivated by the beauty of the natural landscape in Mount Lebanon as a young boy. To this day, it continues to influence his art. After studying Archaeology at the Lebanese University in Beirut, he went to Rome in 2003, where he be- came captivated by the Eternal City.

Gilbert Halaby debuted in 2023 with his solo exhibition titled “Domus Berytus”, which took place at “Beit Beirut Museum” in the Lebanese capital. His second solo took place in his adoptive city, Rome under the title of “Une Comédie Romaine”. Among his international collectors, his work was recently acquired by the UAE Royal family.



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