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Vernissage: 09/05/2024 à 18:00

Du 10/05/2024 à 10:30 jusqu'au 23/05/2024 à 22:30

Chaque Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi, Jeudi, Vendredi et Samedi jusqu'au 23 mai 2024

Mark Hachem Gallery is delighted to invite you to the solo exhibition of our renowned Lebanese artist, George Merheb on the 9th of May in Beirut.

George Merheb was born in 1960. He obtained a Master’s degree in Drawing and Painting from the Lebanese University of Beirut, Lebanon. Merheb completed a number of specialized courses in Venice, Italy for the restoration of historic monuments, frescoes and wall decoration. His most noted accomplishments include a limited edition lithography at the National Museum of Beirut, a 450 m2 painting of murals for the Chantier Fence in Beirut Central District and 250 m2 painting of murals at the Saint Antoine Church in Baabdat, Lebanon.

For George Merheb writing and drawing have mixed destinies. He juggles with lines, colors and letters with a dizzying mixture of features and curves. His brush navigates the canvas in a falsely chaotic way, eliminating alphabets, codified drawings that refer to ideas or simply an expression or impression that becomes a performance.

Creative chaos dominates the work. A chaos haunted by letters, their dimension and energy beyond their form, inventing a new language where signs go beyond their material reality to become accessible to all eyes, cultures and dreams. A systematic deconstruction of traditional writings in favor of a new global language.

When the illegible becomes the only form of communication, it becomes readable for all eyes, perspectives and cultures. It’s universal expression.

When letters and words drop out their vocabulary to keep only the graphics: lines and curves, the identity, Latin or Arab, ancient or contemporary, dissolves and remains only one identity, that of the artist.

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