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05/05/2023 à 22:00

The Rave Empire performance on May 5 will be followed by a rave "UNSTAGED" - starting 10 PM!

Post-show, another non-standard performance will be taking place, with no stage, no script, nor predetermined roles. Everything will be set in motion by the participants themselves, and everyone will be the performer. From the musicians, to the crew and the dancers, we all become part of this unscripted production, moulding practice and performance with roles fluidly transposed, and an openness to explore different paths of bodily expressions of creativity.

Unstaged and not formally staged, this event is an extension to a traditional dance performance and club night.


DJ set by:

- Renata
Renata’s sound was shaped throughout her years of beat-based explorations, using the decks and drum machines in her deconstruct/reconstruct approach.
Her art draws vision and inspiration from the murkier edges of beat processions, and takes shape as a manifestation of dissent through her ever evolving modus operandi.
During her stint in London, she branched out through residencies within the local scene alongside launching her own series under “The Calling” banner. She then returned to Beirut in 2016 and joined the Frequent Defect team with whom she shares a similar drive to address collective issues through multidisciplinary art forms.
Renata is consistently endeavoring as an artist and curator while feeding into the collective force seeking to confront conditioning and the underlying taboo subjects through unapologetic radical art.


DAO is a sound engineer and DJ based in Lebanon. Cutting his teeth in the local free party scene, his sound has been a constantly shifting affair from the go, defying limitations and weaving together a wide range of influences.


- h.w.g.a.
H.W.G.A. is the moniker for Patrik Abi Abdallah, a beirut based drummer, percussionist & DJ.
Debuting with flum project as a drummer & co-producer later co-founding Frequent Defect which led to the launch of this project. Much like the name states, each performance will find its way to thrive as a new sound form.


A first in many collaborations between Zoukak Theatre and Frequent Defect to come!



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