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Un Bestiaire


Du 09/09/2021 à 18:00 jusqu'au 01/10/2021 à 18:00

Since no living soul can continue to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality, “Un Bestiaire” comes to make us question the oppressive and suffocating surreality in which we are living in Lebanon today and to take us on a trip down the evolutionary lane.

The behavior of the wildest of animals cannot be compared to the cruelty and egoism of human beings.


We chose to dive in the world of animals, a persistent subject of the arts, if not one of its first subjects, which continues to be depicted heavily in modernity. You will discover terracotta and bronze fables by Fadi Yazigi, abreast with Michel Zoghzoghi’s photographs of wild animals in their natural habitat. You will question how you interact with the subjects of Franck Christen’s photographs and reflect on Simone Fattal’s terracotta mirroring antiquity. David Kramer’s questions will switch your gaze to a different state of existence while Michele Assaf Kamel’s sculptures redefine our relationship to land and country.

With Youssef Abdelke, Arcangelo, Michele Assaf Kamel, Oussama Baalbaki, Serwan Baran, Franck Christen, Simone Fattal, Nadim Karam, David Kramer, Maia Tabet, Fadi Yazigi, Ghassan Zard, and Michel Zoghzoghi.

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