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Vernissage: 06/06/2024 à 18:00

Du 07/06/2024 à 11:00 jusqu'au 20/06/2024 à 19:00

The LT Gallery is pleased to welcome you to Benoît Debbané’s solo exhibition TWELVE WOMEN (AND AN ORANGE CAT). In his latest exhibition, Benoît Debbané goes on an expressive exploration of femininity and fellowship, weaving together the extraordinary women who have shaped his life with the enigmatic presence of feline companionship.

Every brushstroke unveils sincere admiration for the distinctive qualities these women embody, from self-expression to the interplay of strength and vulnerability. The artist invites viewers to revisit their own perception of beauty and imperfection, challenging conventional notions of femininity away from long perpetuated societal expectations. The deliberate choice of twelve women, with one discreetly omitted to evade superstition, emphasizes the intentionality of Debbané’s creative vision.

Far from arbitrary, their presence rather unfolds as a reflection of the depth and complexity of feminine identity, captured in intertwined moments of quiet contemplation and unguarded authenticity. His work depicts the unfiltered existence of women, free from external judgment constraints. Subjects are portrayed in their most authentic state, complemented with an orange cat as a playful yet meaningful recurring symbol echoing the mystery of both femininity and feline companionship.

This shared presence draws parallels between the characterful grace of women and the cryptic allure of cats. This solo show marks an ambitious milestone in Debbané's artistic journey, entwining his signature style with a newfound sense of experimentation. Whilst rooted in his background as an illustrator, the series denotes a departure towards abstract expressionism, signaling a commitment to artistic growth and evolution. The opening is set to take place on Thursday, June 6 from 6 to 9 PM at our new gallery space in Mar Mikhael and the exhibit will subsequently run till June 20.



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