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Du 05/06/2024 à 11:00 jusqu'au 09/06/2024 à 14:00

Time in Motion features works by Assadour Bezdikian (b. 1943), a renowned Lebanese-Armenian figure, born in Beirut, who departed Lebanon at eighteen to pursue his artistic training supported by scholarships from the Italian Cultural Centre in Beirut and the Lebanese Ministry of Culture. Predominantly recognised for his engravings, Assadour also crafted a distinguished collection of gouaches on paper and oils on canvas. This exhibition, held from June 5th to 9th at Cromwell Place, London, marks the first exclusive showcase of Assadour’s works in the United Kingdom spanning over four decades.


Assadour’s œuvre is emblematic of his exploration of the modern condition, touched by alienation. Drawing inspiration primarily from the Constructivist movement, Assadour’s works utilise geometric abstraction to create rationally produced compositions. The melange of geometric shapes, letters, and even numbers create diagrams, revealing an arational system of thinking and design that refers to clockwork and the passage of time.


In the 1980s, Assadour began exploring landscapes filled with geometric shapes illustrating fragmented cities. A decade later, the exploration of such themes persisted with the inclusion of human silhouettes, questioning the construction of identity, our relationship with time, and the up-rootedness caused by war. Other works from this period also drew influences from East Asian aesthetics to which he was exposed during frequent stays in the region.


Several decades later, he continued including abstract human figures in his works. Compared to his previous works from the 1990s, however, these shapes exhibit more defined gradations in colour, creating a pronounced three-dimensional effect.

Assadour’s rich and diverse pieces stand in a league of their own, appealing to different cultures. Characterised by a unique approach to the human condition, the limited number of his pieces contribute to their rarity, making them highly sought after.


Janet Rady Fine Art x Artscoops, the leading online platform for MENA art, will present a show of 28 artworks from a private collection by the renowned Lebanese-Armenian artist Assadour. Standout pieces include ‘Horizons’, an oil on canvas work which not only clearly displays the artist’s mastery in the use of various techniques, but also includes the incorporation of sand to great effect as well as 22H06GMT, an oil on canvas....


Other highlights are ‘No Man’s Land’ and ‘Paysage avec Personnage à Droite’, both set to be key draws for their striking use of colour, and ‘Protée’, a figurative work, featuring two of Assadour’s hallmark silhouettes, with an almost ethereal quality.

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