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Du 25/11/2022 à 19:00 jusqu'au 27/11/2022 à 19:00

Al-Madina Theatre

25 - 26 November at 8:00 PM

27 November at 7:00 PM


The Valley of Sleep - وادي النوم - exposes concealed territories of existence, revealing an indistinct chatter, an inner turmoil.

In a convergence point between the intuitive and the rational, restless bodies simmer - infinite possibilities unfold. A turbulent enchanting dance dissects our imaginary.
A spell is blown.

I question how can enchantment pierce our reality?


::: This performance is freely inspired by “The Lover of the Jinn”, a painting by Abdel Hadi Al Gazzar :::

Performed by:
Alexandre Habre, Aymeric Lorthiois, Michael Castalan and Yara Boustany
Dramaturgy: Racha Baroud
Sound Design: Jad Atoui
Light Design: Riccardo Clementi
Assistant Set Design: Lori Kharpoutlian
Technical Support: Farah F. Naboulsi

Translation: Sasseen Kawzally
Poster design: Riwa Baroud
Photographer: Nader Bahsoun

Coproduced by Les SUBS – lieu vivant d’expériences artistiques, Lyon

With the support of
Culture Resource – Al Mawred Al Thaqafy
AFAC, Arab Fund for Culture
Les SUBS – lieu vivant d’expériences artistiques
Montpellier Danse, Agora, Cité internationale de la Danse
Institut Français du Liban
Amalgam Studio, Beirut
MaFk - Maison des Arts Fraikeh
Zoukak Sidewalks Festival

Tickets at the door – For info and reservation 76194246
Open seat 200 000 L.L.
Support ticket from 400 000 L.L.


Yara Boustany is a performer and choreographer born in Ghbeleh, Lebanon. Her interdisciplinary artistic work is a constant exploration of sensory stimuli that attempts to lead humans into uncharted territories of existence – she seeks turmoil as much as enchantment. She draws on imagination and improvisation to create from the infinite potential of the body and voice freed from convention, and plays with a multitude of visuals, light sources and soundscapes to create unusual realms. . She is the founder and director of Amalgam Studio in Beirut, Lebanon.



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