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Du 27/10/2022 à 00:00 jusqu'au 22/12/2022 à 00:00

In this exhibition you’ll find martyrs and myths. Ruins, sarcophagi, and temples; hotels in flames: the Excelsior, the Palm Beach, the Martinez, and the Alcazar.
There is revolt, melancholia, tragedy, and lost battles.
The soul of a resplendent Beirut is set against the disappearance of a certain world and the history of the Middle East.
There is whisky, cigarettes, valium, playing cards and dice.
Destiny, luck, and fate.

People like Leila, Gamal, Magida, Moussa, Sahar, Muna and Shireen.
Music divas or the legend of Icarus.

Paintings, ceramics, tapestries, drawings, sculptures, collages, souvenirs, are part of this selection of eclectic and iconic works produced between 2007 and 2022.
This exhibition walks you through Lamia Ziadé’s very personal universe.
Her works are inspired by past publications, bringing together a variety of techniques that create an intimate world of shared memories and personal obsessions.

Lebanese artist Lamia Ziadé is the author of several graphic novels, which are a very personal dive into the Middle East of the past and the present : Ô Nuit Ô mes Yeux (2015), Ma Très Grande Mé-lancolie Arabe (2017), Bye Bye Babylone, (2010), Mon port de Beyrouth, (2021).
Her work has been regularly exhibited since 2003, in different art fairs, galeries, foundations and museums.

The exhibition is part of ‘Beyrouth Livres 2022, Festival International et Francophone du Livre de Beyrouth’ organised by L’Institut Français Liban.

The exhibition runs until the 22nd of December 2022.



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