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“The Lavender  Edition”, Stephanie Bou Chedid


Du 03/10/2020 à 00:00 jusqu'au 08/11/2020 à 00:00

The project began before the August 4th explosion as a collaboration between artist and actress Stephanie Bou Chedid and architect Sari Kassouf of The Slow Beirut.   


After the explosion, Stephanie was able to locate the paintings in her destroyed apartment on Armenia Street and Sari was able to repair The Slow and bring it back to its former glory. Once the trauma was appeased, the pair went on to launch their second collaboration to date, a painting series called The Lavender Edition. 


The series is a set of ten paintings where the artist makes her impression of the lavender stem in Indian ink and on off-white paper. The work is minimal, and suggestive. The way that Stephanie approaches her subjects.   


As opposed to the first series, which consisted of suggested nudes in oil on kraft paper, the mark of the lavenders is thin and delicate. The work is an attempt to bring attention to a form of sedate state in which the impression of nature is reassessed in a time where the world is suffering from an excess of acceleration.  





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