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The Casablanca Art School & Beyond l A New Moroccan Generation


Vernissage: 28/05/2024 à 18:00

Du 29/05/2024 à 10:00 jusqu'au 02/06/2024 à 16:00

The landmark exhibition The Casablanca Art School & Beyond l A New Moroccan Generation offers a captivating glimpse into the Moroccan artistic landscape from the 1960s to the present day, with a spotlight on a new generation of multidisciplinary Moroccan artists.


The exhibition commences with iconic works by artists from the Casablanca Group, which   shaped Morocco's artistic evolution during the 60’s and 70’s and were renowned for their bold departure from Western artistic conventions. This era witnessed the emergence of a new form of abstraction, infused with geometric shapes and materials inspired by Moroccan craftsmanship.


The showcase continues with artists from the new generation, followed by works by established artists such as Mahi Binebine and Mohamed Anzaoui both influenced by the Casablanca movement and the artists social commitment. Despite the diversity of their artistic backgrounds, Binebine and Anzaoui both share poignant reflections on the human condition and the myriad of experiences shaping Moroccan society.

Concluding the exhibition are showcased graphic works by two emerging artists, Reda Boudina and Kamil Bouzoubaa-Grivel, from Morocco and the diaspora. Their works challenge our perception of surface and depth, using unique techniques and unconventional materials such as concrete, plexiglass, metal or oil-based ink in their compositions.


Inspired by the quintessential brutalist architectural movement originating in the UK in the 50s and prevalent in Moroccan urban landscape, Boudina uses concrete as a primary material, blending it with other mediums in original compositions. In parallel Bouzoubaa-Grivel explores a novel approach to drawing that blurs the boundaries between digital and physical realms, drawing inspiration from graphic patterns and Japanese comics.


By presenting a range of techniques and styles across established and emerging artists, the exhibition strives to reflect the richness and vitality of the contemporary art scene in Morocco.



Photo @Mohamed Anzaoui, Reflections on existence, Mixed media on canvas, 103,5 x 103,5 cm, 2023

Talk & Press Preview
In Conversation: Janet Rady and Othmane Benlamine on Art in Morocco and the Evolution of the Artistic Landscape

Tuesday May 28th
10.30 - 12.30
By booking only : Link

Exhibition Times:

Tuesday 28 by appointment only

Wednesday May 29th to Saturday June1st, 2024, 10am – 6pm

Sunday June 2nd, 2024, 10am – 4pm



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