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Survivors Ability


Du 29/10/2021 à 19:00 jusqu'au 27/01/2022 à 19:00

Artbooth in collaboration with ABC Art Space Verdun are pleased to invite you to their collective exhibition Survivors Ability.


Our city was destroyed and rebuilt seven times, a resilient city that never dies, with remnants of 5000 years of successive civilizations. Originally called Beroth, “City of Wells” by the Canaanite, the city was later named Berytus when it was conquered by the Romans.


Beirut flourished in the 60s and early 70s; it became a center of attraction and a cultural, educational, medical and business hub.


After witnessing a civil war that broke out in 1975 and lasted 15 years, the Lebanese people stood up once again and rebuilt their shattered homes and lives.


Each street in Beirut has its own identity and tells its own story: Beirut is a city of diversity, a real source of inspiration … the city where most of our artists in this exhibition live. By staring at their artworks, you will no doubt experience a different range of emotions due to the constant instability we live in; happiness, sadness, beauty, chaos, peace …


Since 2020, Lebanon has been on the brink of collapse; the capital’s port hit by one of the world’s biggest non-nuclear explosions, a deep economic crisis with no end in sight, the Covid-19 pandemic … Despite all this, with our creativity and art, we aim to keep spreading messages of positivity and love from Beirut to every person fighting for his basic human rights.


Featured in this exhibition are works by artists Hussein Baalbaki, Lara Zankoul, Mohannad Orabi, Bruno Sfeir, Barana Saadat, Jean-Marc Nahas, Louma Rabah, Caleen Ladki, Youssef Youssef, Joseph Matar, Noor Bahjat, Benoit Debbane, Mireille Merhej and David Daoud that will take your artistic experience to new heights.


About ArtBooth

Revolving around a new art concept that makes buying and selling high-quality artworks on a global level easy, Artbooth is the new hub for every art lover out there. After a 10-year experience in art between Beirut and Dubai, Roger El Khoury opts for an easier and more personal way to own art, away from traditional auction houses or art galleries as we are a mobile art booth and our exhibitions are held in different places.


There is a vision behind every project and ours is all about promoting the creativity of both emerging and established artists in the regional and international scene, bringing artists and audience together, as well as exploring and developing partnerships and collaborations. Our services include fine art sales consultancy, second market art sales and curating exhibitions.


Specialized in the resale of pre-owned art, Artbooth offers peace of mind to buyers and sellers of fine artworks. Thanks to the expertise of our team that specializes in this field, the art pieces displayed in the booth are carefully picked in order to give our clients confidence and guarantee them authenticity. Even though not every artwork can fit the space, reselling a piece of fine art is the easiest when you contact us and let us handle the rest.


For more information please contact :

+961 3 194096 ; +971-56 6324 242 



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