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Du 01/06/2023 à 18:00 jusqu'au 31/07/2023 à 18:00

Zalfa Halabi Art Gallery is thrilled to announce the first solo exhibition of Lebanese artist Carla Habib on Thursday June 1st 2023 from 6 to 9 pm.


In a departure from her earlier work; which focused on black and white illustrations; this latest series uses a bright color palette evocative of the artist’s childhood in the 90s, pride, and life in a digital era. The 90s were well known for jewel tones and neon lights while the fashion industry at the time relied heavily on fluorescent colors and drew inspiration from the Pop Art era.The rainbow motif was also popular in the 90s and played an important role in representing LGBT pride. Another important element of the decade to remember is a shift in technology with the advent of the internet, cellphones, and computers; which caused a surge in digital art and ultimately social media.


Social media is an important element in Side Conversations, the artist was inspired to create the works when she started asking herself a multitude of questions surrounding her use and interactions on social media platforms. Ranging from her relationships with her contacts and ‘friends’ all the way to how it impacts our mental health and how it affects our perceptions and standards of beauty. One important question raised is whether or not these platforms help liberate women or further objectify them. Regardless of where we stand on social media, it does play a role in most of our everyday lives. 


The subjects of the portraits are all close friends of the artist, people she felt comfortable enough to approach and capture in intimate moments. The series came about at a women’s only Valentine’s Day dinner that Habbib was invited to. The photos she took of the people at that party were the start and set the tone for the whole project. The portraits also include body shots of close male friends and family members and till now Carla considers the series unfinished as there were many other people she wanted to portray but couldn’t find the time to do so. 


Carla Habib, born in 1992, is an Alba University graduate with a masters degree in comics and illustration. In addition she participated in the Home Workspace Program (2018-2019) at Ashkal Alwan. Her work has been a part of several exhibits including “Dear Moon” collective exhibit at Zalfa Halabi Art Gallery (2022), Sursock Museum, “Drawing Concert” with Samandal as part of TERDAD program by UNESCO (2021), Beirut Art Center, “2020 On/Offline (2020), Festival de la Bande Dessinée d’Amiens, “Beyrouth: Portrait d’une Utopie!” (2019), and Galerija K18, “ONE SHOWS ONESELF, ONE SHOWS UP, BUT TO THE OTHER”, the result of a residency GuestRoomMaribor Slovenia (2018). Habib has also been a part of numerous publications including Samadal and Zeez Collective.



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