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Shaping Faces - Facing Shapes, Wadad Yazbeck


Du 29/10/2021 à 18:00 jusqu'au 06/11/2021 à 18:00

A solo exhibition in two stanzas by Wadad Yazbeck. In “Shaping Faces” the artist pays tribute to “the individual” who is in a continuous struggle where suffering and resilience are juxtaposed and endlessly reoccurring. Multiple faces emerge from a flesh-coloured earth where the confined bodies give way to the free expression of their emotions. A succession of sculptures reflects on a multitude of emotions like fear, anger, sadness, but also affection, compassion and happiness all encapsulated in sffering yet paradoxically offering a glimmer of hope that is rooted in love, meditation, prayer, nature and the sheer will to conquer adversity. 


On the other hand, “Facing Shapes” is more of a dialogue between shape and matter. The artist ponders how to reproduce the beauty in the folds of a flower petal and the crashing of a wave on the shore. Here also the artist tackles the technical limitations imposed by the sheer materiality of the clay, versus the freedom of the imagination and the will to create. Hence, in the hands of the artist, the amorphic earth gives birth to unique artworks where all new possibilities of expression unfold endlessly.


Wadad Yazbeck is a multi-disciplinary visual artist whose work straddles Ceramics, Mixed-Media Painting and Collage. As a self-taught artist she discovered different mediums and decided to hone her artistic skills by taking courses in Mixed Media at the Modern Museum of Boston (2015), Collage and Mixed Media with Pierre Jean Varet and Sylvia Netcheva (2016), Drawing and Painting Techniques with Zoha Nassef (2016 - 2018) and Ceramics at the Artworkshop (2015 - 2019). 

Much of Yazbeck’s work is influenced by her multi-cultural, multi-lingual and eclectic background, as well as her personal experiences and exposure to the crises Lebanon has faced since 1975, and her passion for travel and art. Born in Sierra Leone, and raised between Africa, Europe and the Middle East, she currently works at her atelier in Beirut-Lebanon


For more information contact : +9613747066



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