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Rumman Music Festival


14/10/2023 à 19:00

After a year filled with transformative experiences, we are thrilled to announce our second music festival edition, brought to you in collaboration with our local and international partners.


Last year, we embarked on an incredible journey with our inaugural Maarad Music Festival (#MMF) at the Rachid Karami International Fairground (RKIF). This festival not only celebrated music but also championed the preservation and restoration of this iconic venue. It was an immersive experience that left lasting memories with our attendees. 


This time, we have chosen the heart of Mina, Tripoli, as our backdrop, celebrating the grand opening of "Stereo Kawalis," our new venue nested in the renovated historic “Cinema Radio” located at the end of Labban (Mino) Street, which has been dormant for over three decades. Rumman has painstakingly restored this architectural gem into what we proudly believe to be the largest independent indoor music venue in the city. It will not only host full-scale live musical concerts but also serve as a hub for local artists, providing rehearsal and recording rooms. Moreover, it will be a hub for international collaborations, with artistic residency programs scheduled throughout the year. 


Hence, we've decided to rebrand our festival as RMF. This shift allows us the freedom to move beyond a single location and embrace the diversity of our city. It signifies our commitment to celebrating music wherever it resonates within Tripoli's vibrant streets. Notably, September and October herald the pomegranate season, aptly known as "Rumman" in Lebanon. It's a season of abundance and richness, mirroring our festival's mission of enriching the cultural tapestry of our city with music. 


The artistic program for this edition is built on two components: artistic residencies followed by a diverse concert respecting various music genres, featuring local and international talents to appeal to various audiences and contribute to the cultural richness of the festival. In the build-up to the festival, for six days, the alleys of Mina will be bustling with more than 20 musicians and cultural professionals from Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and France, collaborating and spreading vibrant music landscapes within the tiny alleys of Mina. Finally, we will all come together to celebrate on Saturday, October 14, 2023. 


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