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Rima Salamoun solo exhibition


Du 21/09/2023 à 00:00 jusqu'au 05/10/2023 à 00:00

Mark Hachem Gallery is delighted to invite you to the upcoming solo exhibition of visionary Syrian artist, Rima Salamoun on September 21st in Beirut.


Salamoun describes herself as a dedicated observer of human evolution and the ever-shifting tides of change. Fueled by her profound fascination with the human experience and her passion for drawing and painting, she has cemented herself in the art world as an unparalleled storyteller. She completed her education in Fine Arts at the Damascus University in 1987, and has since become a great artistic force, with her work being shown at length both locally and abroad. A respected member of the Syrian Syndicate of Fine Arts, Salamoun’s presence graced numerous collective exhibitions across the Arab world and Europe. She continued to illuminate the art scene with a series of remarkable solo exhibitions both at home and on foreign shores.


In her work, Salamoun explores women’s lives; She places great importance on representing the human condition, and all the paradoxes within it. She views herself, and indeed all artists, as witnesses of life. Her work is like a diary; she imbues each brushstroke with intention, depicting the world and people she perceives, narrating her experiences through art. Through this process, her works embody the contemplation, inquiry, and uncertainty that are ever-present in the human mind, and begin a conversation between the past self and the present self, a primary text in time. Moreover, Salamoun’s oeuvre navigates dichotomy and paradox, engaging in a dance of life’s dualities: love and hatred, past and future, shadow and light. These dichotomies converge within her paintings, dedicated to humanity's unending quest for self-understanding.


"Love and hate, past and future, masculine and feminine—these elements amalgamate on my canvas, seeking their inherent potency and fervor in understanding their essence." 


Through this exhibition, the audience is not only invited into a dialogue with the artist and the passage of time but, crucially, into a profound introspection of their own existence as fellow "witnesses of life.

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