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Reboot Beirut: A Display of Intentions and Techniques by the Beirut Makers


Du 16/10/2020 à 14:00 jusqu'au 17/10/2020 à 14:00

Beirut Makers will have their works on display from October 16th -17th at their Reboot Beirut exhibition to address businesses and residents 

of Mar Mikhael that were shattered by the Beirut blast last August. 


Beirut Makers is an open collective that focuses on digital fabrication as a response to the recent violent changes in Lebanon’s environment. The collective created designs rethinking both the process of making and the materials. Their vision is to have a local production with local recycled materials answering to local needs.


The work includes various daily products, such as minimal and monolithic lanterns made from recycled plastic that diffract the light across space, coat hangers that became an opportunistic means to flush the machine’s hopper while transitioning from one material to another and, last but not least, some beautifully crafted human-powered flour-millers and hand blenders that combine economic and environmental concerns with digital fabrication. 

They also include some features of object/propositions by Ghouyoum including 5D printed lamps from recycled water gallons to compostable chairs in recycled paper.


The exhibition is a chance to display the work of the collective in addition to outsourcing participants for their following exhibition.

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