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Reality in the Real : A Video Installation, Gilbert Hage


Du 16/11/2021 à 18:00 jusqu'au 30/11/2021 à 18:00

Albedo Creative Platform, in collaboration with the Foundation for Art and Psychoanalysis (FAP), presents Reality in the Real: A Video Installation by photographer Gilbert Hage. Hage’s first moving image work was originally presented online as part of FAP’s Oral History Collection, which aims to create an archive that makes it possible for future generations to engage in plural perspectives.

In his work, Hage speaks to Lebanese artists in the aftermath of the explosion in the Port of Beirut. The portrayed subjects relate their private encounters with the blast, and explore its broader impact on the history of their country and their personal lives.

Presented for the first time in a physical location, the video installation proposes the online project as a shared, spatial event, where the videos are experienced collectively as sounds and images reverberating in space, the constant relevance of their contextual significance intermeshing with KED’s particular historical significance.

KED is a multi-arts performance and exhibition space in Quarantina, a district of Beirut that witnessed the capital’s most turbulent episodes. First a central camp housing Armenians fleeing the Ottoman genocide, Quarantina was the site of the bloody 1976 massacre, and more recently suffered the devastating ravages of the August 4 explosion. Its name, meaning “river” in Armenian, references a flowing river that brings life to its surrounding lands and communities, as KED aims to do through the arts.

Gilbert Hage’s Reality in the Real opens on Tuesday November 16, 2021 from 06:00 to 10:00 pm. The exhibition runs until November 30, 2021.




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