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Visites Guidées

22/02/2022 à 00:00

Date: Tuesday 22 February 2022 at 4.30pm

Place: Art on 56th

Registration: (78) 959670 ;

Duration: 1h00

Language: English


Health mask required - social distancing assured.

The visit is free of charge - booking is required.

Number of participants is limited. 


The tour will be guided by Ghada Jamal.


This series was painted on location, the places were chosen by how the light reveals the landscape, and its timeless relationship with my country. The paintings are absorbed by this continuum, where I explore my belonging through panoramic perspectives. When I’m on location I contemplate my heritage, my present and future and I’m confronted by the means to capture what is beyond me. The paintings are grounded and reed by the deliberate horizon; the place that you can see but is impossible to reach.


This series was imagined and conjured from a multitude of vanishing perspectives, embodying a lifetime of stories, spent, and seen in my city, Beirut. Unlike the earlier series, these paintings are not constrained by the reality of a particular location. I wanted each painting to capture the enchanting beauty of the city without escaping the earth-shattering tragedy of the recent Port explosion. Each painting suspends the incoherence of politics, diluting the territorial symbology and favoring a maze of rejuvenate paths. The city is part of a living memory with touristic ruins, new ruins, and the yet to be born future that are all accessible at once.

Les visites guidées de l’Agenda Culturel sont organisées avec le support de Artscoops




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