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Du 18/05/2023 à 20:30 jusqu'au 28/05/2023 à 20:30

BOEING BOEING! by Marc Camoletti. The most played French boulevard comedy in the world by Marc Camoletti is at Theatre Le Monnot ! Adapted by Bruno Geara under the title "رايحين جايين" it will be performed during the whole month of February.

Playboy Bernard is an architect who lives with his fiancées,.. French airline stewardess Jacqueline —and German stewardess Judith—and American stewardess Janet. However, none of the women know about the other two, and this is exactly the way Bernard has designed it. This works just fine as long as their flight schedules only bring them home every three days. Bernard’s live-in maid, Wadad, is key in pulling off this ruse, managing three sets of clothing, bed linens, and food preferences. However, this perfect schedule is bound to run into trouble sometime. Things begin to unravel when there is a change to the women’s flight orders bringing all three of them home on the same day. In addition, Bernard’s longtime friend, Robert, has arrived in town unexpectedly. He is brought in on the outrageous arrangement and finds himself entangled in trying to help Bernard and Wadad pull it off during the course of a single day. Will they survive the day? And at what price? It just may be too much for them to handle!



Rodrigue Sleiman is Bernard

Josyane Boulos is Wadad

Sany Abdel Baki is Robert

Sarah Attallah is Janet 

Nay Abou Fayad is Judith 

Katy Younes is Jacqueline


Scenography Danny Mallat 

Lighting Hagop Der Ghougassian 

From Thursday to Sunday


LieuThéâtre Monnot


PRIXde 10$ à 30$



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