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Pretty Abandoned, Ghada Zoghbi


Du 13/10/2021 à 12:00 jusqu'au 17/11/2021 à 12:00

She often walks the streets to gaze at unfinished endeavors that fill the city; are they relinquished dreams, deserted ambitions, or disowned children? Who started something grand then gave up on it? What is the name of that person? How does he look like? Why build it and then leave it to ruin? Why does abandonment feel like destruction to her, like a miscarriage?

All these questions drive Ghada Zoghbi’s hand on the canvas, like imaginary answers buried under a construction of strokes, perspective, and colors.

Born in Shmestar, Beqaa, Lebanon, Zoghbi earned a degree in Fine Art from the Lebanese University - Beirut in 2010. In her first solo show “Regimes of the Personal”, she presented 13 paintings of open closets. Zoghbi is a woman-warrior, armed with a fearless heart, questioning patriarchal narratives and the relation between the private and the space it strives for.



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