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Poren Huang


Du 22/02/2021 à 00:00 jusqu'au 15/03/2021 à 00:00

The internationally acclaimed Taiwanese artist, Poren Huang, has been making powerful works of art, through sculpture, for more than two decades. With a keen sense of observation and extraordinary sensitivity, he creates aboriginal-figures and personified dogs in a bold, contemporary format. Using a very humorous attitude in his approach, he always leaves his viewer with a positive mood.

Using the dog as a creative starting point, each piece of work is suggestive of the "human" and a study of his various behaviors. Many people are first attracted by the amusing forms; however, after a period of contact and interaction with the pieces, their deeper significance is sensed.

The materials Huang most often uses are copper, bronze and the occasional stainless steel for their high melting points and durability, to emphasize eternity, especially in “The Dog's Notes” series. Some of the works are welded with layers of pure gold foils to further convey the idea of light and extreme positivity.

A sculpture graduate of Fu-Hsin Trade and Art school, Poren Huang has become an international artist, with his works exposed in globally prominent exhibitions. His sculptures are collected by major institutions like “The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art” and we are honored to have him on our roster.


Poren’s sculptures are currently displayed on the following link:   




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