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NLP Practitioner Certification from UK & USA - Live Training


05/06/2022 à 09:30

NLP Practitioner Training Certified by the International Union Of NLP (IUNLP) in the UK & The American Union Of NLP (AUNLP) LIVE INTERACTIVE COURSE - Every Sunday for 4 weeks starting 5 June 2022 I Have Learned Academy

Welcome to the world of the New Generation of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).
NLP is the art of modeling excellence, communicating, and succeeding. NLP is considered the human brain catalog and the science of human excellence.

In this training, you will widen your vision and your knowledge where you will go beyond the traditional NLP techniques to dive into the new methodology.
You will discover your inner powers and learn how to use them on a daily

Become a certified NLP Practitioner and deepen your knowledge or start a new career: the New Generation of NLP is revealed
Whether you know NLP or not, this is your best path to incredibly boost your career.
If you are a practitioner, psychologist, therapist or you just want to start a refreshing career, you must learn now the ATH (Advanced Time Healing), The New Generation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and get certified from the UK, by the International Union of NLP (IUNLP)

What is the new Generation of NLP and what are you gonna learn?
Simply you will learn more than 54 new techniques you never heard of before, that helped thousands of people around the world to overcome their challenges. The new techniques are divided between the practitioner and the master practitioner courses.
The NGNLP changed the whole methodology and the field of application where NLP Is now faster, better, and more reliable.
The ATH filled the gaps in the field and pushed the application to a totally improved level.

What will you learn in this course:
- Intro about NLP when, where, and how it started
- Comparison between the traditional and the New generation of NLP
- How the brain works
- The revolutionary CSFTP that made a quantum leap in the NLP field
- The differences between psychology, hypnotherapy, and NLP the New generation
- You will be face to face with the real resistant part inside the brain which is surprisingly neither the conscious nor the subconscious mind
- How patterns and behaviors are formulated
- The true meaning of rapport
- The advanced MetaModel with elaborating the magical structure inside it
- Advanced submodalities change
- Punching bag technique
- Dough technique
- Reshaping technique
- Rematerializing technique
- Breath opener
- Body blocks removal
- The plan
- The advanced timeline
- Timelines directions
- Timelines meanings
- Timelines fixing
- Timeline preparation where all techniques take place
- Timeline cleansing techniques
- Timeline landing
- Timeline circulating
- Future pacing day dream
- The real future-past-present simulation
- The real meaning of breaking the state
- Déjà vu technique
- Moon technique
- Advanced future pacing (Feelings meter technique - Present, future, future reversed, present)
- Matching mismatching technique
- Baby steps technique (cleaning the timeline a year after another)
- Next order technique
- Under the spot technique
- Balloon lock technique
- Fast phobia cure or rewind technique
- Visual squash
- Six steps reframing
- Framing
- Reframing
- Anchoring
- Resourceful anchoring
- Chaining anchoring
- Grid technique
- Circle of excellence
- Eye accessing cues
- Representational systems
- NLP presuppositions
- NLP frames
- New behavior generator
and many more

Most importantly:
Learn how to do an NLP session from A to Z. In this course you will learn how to initiate a full session to start a new career.
- The preparation
- The plan
- The execution
- The ending of the process

Trainer's Bio:
The training is delivered by an expert in the field and Master trainer in NLP
Author of End of PTSD era using NLP, the new generation and NLP
geometric techniques - Shape your feelings

Founder ofthe International Union of NLP - IUNLP in the UK and creator of the ATH (Advanced Time Healing), and developer of the new Generation Of NLP, that proved to be powerful in NLP work.

A public Speaker and a private Success and achievement coach, and NLP coach.

He is also an International Advisor at European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).


Booking information

For fees and booking:

Call OR WhatsApp +961.3.614493

Coffee breaks and lunch included.

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