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My dear Olfat


Du 09/04/2021 à 20:30 jusqu'au 11/04/2021 à 20:30

The play narrates the story of a woman, beginning from her childhood, going through her teenage years, and then reaching her adulthood. This story highlights the strict rules enforced by education and society, where the young woman goes from suppression and prohibitions to a love story with a boy from another religion, and her decision to marry him, challenging her family’s objection and her religion’s prohibition of this marriage.

The woman shares the events of her post-marital life that wasn’t any easier than her pre-marital one. She also discusses having a child and the turn of events that led to her divorce, from which she suffered greatly. This was due to the lack of a fair civil status law which led her to being deprived of her two-year-old son because of Shari’ah laws. Following all that, the woman shares her battle with life to meet her son again.


“My Dear Olfat” is a theatrical work and a living testimony that presents painful humanitarian and feminine topics lived by most women in Lebanon from childhood until death.

Directed by: Chadi EL HABER

Written and Performed by: Olfat KHATTAR

Produced by: Homemade Theater


Tickets at Antoine Library, 40,000 LBP and support tickets available

LieuThéâtre al-Madina

PRIX40.000 LL ; 100.000 LL ; 150.000 LL



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