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Du 08/09/2023 à 19:00 jusqu'au 15/09/2023 à 19:00

Amidst the ebb and flow of daily life, there exists a tapestry woven with threads of collective identity and memory. Seemingly commonplace objects and routines, often overlooked in their familiarity, hold profound revelations that transcend geographical boundaries. These quotidian things, loaded with collective memories, serve as mirrors reflecting diverse facets of our existence. In the aftermath of wars and social upheavals, the relationship between hope, liberation, and reclaiming cultural and national identities become deeply intricate as these events cause a profound loss of what once was familiar. This exhibition presents Syrian artists not as fixed entities or products of their past and present conditions but as beings capable of transcending current limitations and actively shaping their future. As artists employ visual constructs of the mundane, their works become vessels for genuine unmediated human experiences, illuminating the kernels of authenticity hidden within the everyday, expressing hope beyond the suffering.


The collection of artworks in this exhibition, ranging from sculptures and performances to paintings and photographs, unite to form a house of paradoxes—harboring both clamor and serenity, distress and daydreams. It is a home that transcends national borders, becoming a repository of shared memories and hopeful dreams that stretch far beyond physical landscapes. This collective exhibition beckons viewers to cast a new gaze upon the ordinary, inviting them to explore the realms of identity and belonging that lie within. It is in these moments of being, where revelations unfold, the concept of “becoming” lies encompassing all the future possibilities existing within the present.


Here, the memory of a Syria, both known and departed, is rekindled—an homage to the lives lived, the histories carried, the identities woven into the fabric of the ordinary and the future to come.


Participating Artists

Azza Abou Rebieh 

Ghal ia Al Kalaji 

Elias Ayoub Hasan 

Belal Rita 

Has souany

Mohamad Khayata 

Heather Kayed 

Sara Kontar 

Studio Kunukku 

Randa Maddah 

Stephany Sanossian 

Youssef Youssef



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