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Marwan Rechmaoui presents Blazon Beirut from a Distance II - University of Technology Sydney

Conférences / Films

30/09/2020 à 12:00

Dana Marjan from the University of Technology Sydney is currently working with studio leaders Endriana Audisho (Lecture) and Tova Lobsinsky (Teacher) together they are running a Master of Architecture design studio, titled 'Dossies: Cities Under Surveillance'.  

Their focus this year has been studying the city of Beirut. As a proud Lebanese-Australian, Dana Marjan has been engaged to curate a series of talks and collaborations with various Beirut based artists, architects and organisations.


Cities Under Surveillance is a three-year-long design studio which explores the systems of control that govern, regulate and mediate urban public space. Concerned with reading public space as territories under transformation, the first instalment of this studio (in 2019) scanned Sydney and Johannesburg as cities under surveillance, exposing and responding to the colonial legacies of control. Cities Under Surveillance II (2020) is studying Beirut, Lebanon to question the role of security and surveillance in a post-traumatic context.


Cities Under Surveillance II will occupy the conflict between systems of control and the architect’s complicit role in the production of these systems. It aims to unpack discourse on security and surveillance through the representational tools inherent to the discipline itself. Acknowledging that architecture never stops representing, this studio will scrutinize both the methodologies and the documents architects and spatial practices produce in post-traumatic contexts. The surveyor will now be surveyed.

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