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Du 21/07/2022 à 20:30 jusqu'au 05/08/2022 à 20:30

Here we are.

25 years later, cheering for a Legacy that took 70 years to build.


This double milestone calls for a celebration.


On the 21st of July, at 8:30pm, Tony Ward celebrated the 25 years of his creations and the 70 years of his father’s Atelier, Elie Ward. 

This took place in his Beirut Headquarters, where it all started.


There were happy vibes, festive music, sparkling drinks, emotional tears and nothing but a smiling crowd with warm hearts. 


From flying avatars dressed in iconic pieces on the ground floor, to a sculptural timeline with milestones on a different level, passing by Elie Ward’s corner with timeless pieces sewn by him, the guests were then welcomed to a floor with a never-ending mirrored podium with catwalk mannequins dressed in black gowns from different eras. 

A room, on this level, was transformed into “L’univers des Matiéres” maze room with Couture fabrics falling from the ceiling.


The buildings’ floors turned into a Fashion exhibition, translating the history of Ward’s Ateliers.


Then, in the midst of all this, music was cut, the lights were dimmed and all eyes were on the screening of FOREVER FORWARD. 

A documentary showing the Ward’s journey since 1952. 


“From just a talented 9-year-old boy working for a Lebanese tailor… to the successful couturier he became; This young boy is my father, and here I am 70 years later, still applying is savoir-faire in my Ateliers. 

I dedicate this celebration and the pages I’m ready to fill… 

to him”- Tony

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