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Lebanon: Beauty and Culture by Jamil Molaeb


Du 24/11/2021 à 12:00 jusqu'au 12/01/2022 à 12:00

Jamil Molaeb’s new exhibition, “Lebanon: Beauty and Culture” features a refined selection of artworks, including paintings and three dimensional works, from his most recent series.
Once again, Molaeb is reflecting on the cultural condition in his home country, with a much-needed positive outlook. He is putting forward our rich Lebanese heritage, by placing the emphasis of his work on the “Human” as an essential factor, an ideal cultivated instigator and enlightened role model.
The artworks flow as sequences of iconographic writings. They mirror color as sound, where Jamil creates his own ideograms and composes his particular syntax. The human and cultural activities, the artifacts, and their interpretations are the visual fabric in his oeuvre.
As a veteran artist and master of construction and composition, Molaeb’s artworks are always surprising in their choice of subjects, his distinct associations and connotations. His style is always remarkable in the structure it bears and the excellence in Molaeb’s craftsmanship.



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