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“Last Seen”.


It is a world where our paths cross for a moment, a day, or sometimes, for a lifetime.


It is about the people we meet and greet, love or hate, connect with or despise, cherish or forget, privilege or exclude.

It is a life where we go through chapters we somehow begin or end; a life of communities we integrate or escape, societies we belong to or cast aside.


It is an ongoing journey where we all long for the unwritten pages of future connections, relations and encounters.


We may have crossed paths or we may have not. But we all share one constant:

People never truly leave. Only their role, status, substance and significance change.

They just remain in the memory, dated and classified as “Last Seen”.


Magali Katra 


A contemporary Lebanese artist, born in 1979.Her art is a visual poetry overflowing with energy and vivacity, and her distinctive style has attracted a number of collectors since her early years.

Through bold graphics, assertive postures, graceful fluidity and engaging compositions, the artist captures modern concerns, highlighting human identities and authenticity.
With a solid mastery of graphic rhythm, she holds up a mirror to contemporary life and depicts the underlying core of society - people in their common moments or more intimate ones through their gestures and expressions.

Katra holds a Masters degree in Fine Arts from Académie Libanaise des Beaux-arts in Beirut, and has obtained two consecutive scholarships to continue her studies at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts Arts de Paris and Ecole Supérieure des Arts-Appliqués Duperré, Paris. She has also studied Arts Management at the Ecole Supérieure des Affaires, Beirut, and has taught at Notre Dame University, Beirut.

Katra’s work has been showcased in several galleries, locally and internationally, including Paris, Geneva, Amsterdam and the United States. She has contributed her art to several projects, including Send My Friend To School UNESCO In Paris, and Street Art Project Wynwood in Miami. Her work has also featured as book illustrations. Conveying her vibrant spirit and extensive sense of graphical rhythm.





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