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kids yoga festival

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Du 05/06/2022 à 00:00 jusqu'au 06/06/2022 à 00:00

We would like to introduce the first kids yoga festival in Lebanon and the region!

An opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life and raise awareness about the importance of wellness and well-being in Lebanon and the region from a young age.

Namat Beirut created this mindful and educational initiative as an answer to what Kids in Lebanon have been going through in the past two years :

- The economical crisis's stress they felt through their parents
- COVID lockdowns and their incapacity of living a normal childhood
- And the TERRIBLE explosion that is still alive within them : affecting their sense of security and inciting fear .


The kids yoga festival comes as a JOYFUL celebration.

To celebrate life, movement, childhood, and mindfulness in its own special way rather than in the usual commercial format of other celebrations in town.

It goes back to the human roots of real values sending a message of peace, love, and HOPE.


The initiative gathers donations and help, to make this unique 2-day event happen and bring more mindfulness and raise awareness about the importance of Yoga as a practice to children from different social backgrounds.

The event will offer yoga sessions for kids , bonding sessions with both kids and parents, entertainments ( clowns show, joyful singing, mandala coloring, face painting...) and much more.

The flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today ...

so together, lets plant them the right way !


LieuBeirut, Lebanon





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