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19/07/2024 de 20:00 à 22:00

Away from political and religious incitements, this movie is an inspirational one that reminds us of what matters most. A must-watch award-winning ‘Best Arabic Film’ at WorldFilmFestival in Cannes (August 2023). "Karkha: A Village from Lebanon" is a compelling 45-minutes docu-drama in Arabic language and English subtitles from the docuseries "Homes & Heroes" created by Public Matters Lebanon, a non-partisan organization, whose goal is to help the nurturing of ‘empathy’ and the cultivation of ‘leadership’ skills among children.

In contrast to the conventional negative portrayal of Lebanon that is often depicted in global news and movies, this film delves into the positive elements in Lebanese communities and their resilience in all its forms throughout many generations. In a dramatic treatment, the movie tackles the social issue that has been an inevitable reality in Lebanon since the 18th century up until today: immigration and the waves of Lebanese immigration since the 19th century until today.

The movie takes place in a small village in Southern Lebanon called Karkha while unveiling a rich history of the region since the 1700s and building with the audience an emotional journey that depicts how immigrants make a big difference when they share a piece of their success with their homeland.

This docudrama is directed by filmmaker Nassif Al Rayess whose beautiful realism and cinematic storytelling have bundled up the events with a nostalgic ambiance with all those who appear as actors in this episode.

They are actually the locals from the village whose naturalism and love for their land have spiced up this drama. The script is written by Julie BouChakra and narrated by Rosie El Khwaly. This episode is supported by the Lebanese expat Charlie I. Hanna, son of Karkha.

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