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Du 15/12/2023 à 17:00 jusqu'au 05/01/2024 à 17:00

Opera Gallery Beirut is delighted to present "In my Element", a radiant exhibition unveiling the creations of four visionary artists: Jose Cháfer, Thierry Martenon, Michel Abboud and Mouna Rebeiz. Each artist wields a distinct brush of creativity, breathing vitality into their creations, inviting us to explore the profound landscapes of their minds and appreciate the exquisite finesse of their craftsmanship to transcend boundaries, connect realms, and awaken our senses.


Jose Cháfer, a visionary sculptor deeply attuned to the natural world, extends an invitation to journey through shapes and textures. Drawing inspiration from the intricate forms and colours of nature, Cháfer skilfully transforms raw materials into expressions of nature’s rhythmic cycles—growth, transformation, and renewal. He predominantly works with natural elements like stone and wood, showcasing his profound connection to these materials. Cháfer's sculptures transcend mere artistry; they serve as bridges, infusing life with a distinct essence.


Thierry Martenon, a sculptor who masterfully manipulates raw materials, unveils a universe where tangible substances and boundless imagination blend seamlessly. Martenon shapes abstract and textured forms in wood, which serve as captivating vessels for light. His creations harmonize shape and form, orchestrating an exploration of volume and void that gracefully narrates stories. Martenon crafts sculptures that transcend the confines of physicality, inviting viewers into a realm where matter and creativity intertwine in perfect harmony.


Michel Abboud's sculptures captivate through their equilibrium and balance. Abboud's works are an artistic translation of the digital world’s impact on our society, brought to life through meticulously arranged cubes. Despite the use of digital tools in their design, Abboud's dedication to craftsmanship shines as each piece is constructed by hand, reinforcing the artisanal essence of his creations. Every sculpture creates a captivating dance of light and colour, expertly blurring the boundaries between the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional.


Mouna Rebeiz is a Lebanese-Canadian painter known for her artwork that combines figurative and abstract styles. Her pieces skilfully capture the energy of life and create a profound emotional connection with the viewer, with a particular focus on the experiences and emotions of women. Through her meticulously crafted sculptures, she deftly presents contemporary interpretations of totems, imbuing them with a sense of playfulness and an extraordinary expressiveness that resonates with the audience on a deeply personal level.


As you navigate through this exhibition, prepare to be captivated by these remarkable artists who celebrate the inherent beauty in the world around us, captured in the contours of their sculptures.


"In my Element" is an invitation to engage in a dialogue that goes beyond words, and to find solace and inspiration in the boundless realm of artistic exploration. We hope that the exhibition will evoke contemplation, inspiration and that it will allow a renewed sense of wonderment.




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