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IN BETWEEN FESTIVAL : Two exhibitions not to miss !

Visites Guidées

19/11/2022 à 15:00

This month, the Beirut art scene will host the first edition of IN BETWEEN.

This interdisciplinary cultural festival is organised by British Council Lebanon from 16 to 20 November. During 5 days, the festival will offer various events in emblematic places of the city.


On this occasion, Agenda Culturel offers you the opportunity to discover the two exhibitions 'Imagine That Tomorrow' and 'Anatomy of a Fall'.


A special tour will be guided by the curators on Saturday November 19. Find below more information about the exhibition.


Date: Saturday19 November 2022

Hour: 3 pm

Place:  Abroyan Factory

Duration: 1h15 for both exhibition

Language : English

Registration: (78) 959670 ;


The visit is free of charge - Booking is required.





Open: From 16 to 20 November at Abroyan Factory.


While the rest of the world hash out pertinent projections for the future, Lebanon continues to be subsumed by escalating threats to lives and livelihoods – a cycle that has confronted every musing and imaginative whim, and has halted the potentiality of speculating on worlds beyond the fear for today. Shaping the future requires not only the ability to supress fear, but the permission to imagine, and let imagination manifest into actuality.

Imagine that Tomorrow asserts the role of the artist as a convener of new spatial realities (physically and metaphorically) and a mediator of the conversations that will lead to them. In parallel, it invokes the urgency to repel the habitual discourses that entangle our progress. In the context of In Between, British Council Lebanon invites 11 emerging artists from the CATAPULT.visual’arts programme to present imaginative and speculative visions of the future in response to the critical issues we face today. Imagine that Tomorrow takes the form of a collective exhibition. It collapses 11 visions of the future into a discussion about the role of the artist in devising tomorrow, against the backdrop of numerous pressing global matters. The theme not only queries the extent of speculation but also demands its urgency; as rapid as it is evolving, the future is becoming more ambiguous and uncontrollable.

Despite being heavily imagination-driven, the proposed works instigate critical conversations about the future. In turn, visitors are invited to travel through images – and imaginations – that induce reflection. The works are ambitious, unrestricted, unapologetic, unwavering, uncensored, unguided, unsubstantiated and audacious escapades – ones that fluctuate between intimately personal and universal – and only dreamscapes could fathom.



Renoz, Alaa Itani, Assadour Garvanian, Bahaa Souki, Elias Nafaa, Gabriella Choueifati, Gosha Beshlyan, Laetitia El Hakim, Mia Baraka, Shams Safieddine and Walid El Mays





Open: From 16 to 20 November at Abroyan Factory.


“Anatomy of a fall” is the fourth iteration of an exhibition by Collectif 1200 through which they present a new reading of the works of the 11 photographers part of the collective. This iteration is in collaboration with Hammana Artist House.


Persisting creatively during the past two years became at once very difficult yet evermore essential. The 11 photographers held regular meetings at Hammana Artist House in 2020 and 2021, which transformed into a support system for each other in order not to despair during the crises, in order to encourage each other, to persevere and continue creating. Working together allowed them to not only reflect on the situation but to also step back and grasp all that was happening.


The exhibition is the result of 2 years of ongoing and unfinished conversations between the artists using the medium to reflect on their surroundings and their daily lives. Diverse subjects such as the intimate and the socio-political, all come together as an amalgamation of experiences to enrich a single holistic and global story they are trying to tell; that of an ongoing loss, struggle, resistance, hope, love, change, stillness, death and life in Lebanon.


Collectif 1200 is one of 10 visual artists and collectives selected to partake in the CATAPULT.visual’arts programme, a pilot initiative launched by British Council Lebanon’s Arts and Culture department. Through the programme, the Collectif 1200 held their first solo exhibition in Lebanon under the title ‘Echoes from a Crowded Room’.



Roger Mokbel, Laura Menassa, Omar Gabriel, Elsie Haddad, Paul Gorra, Myriam Boulos, Manu Ferneini, Tarek Haddad, Betty Ketchedjian, Rima Maroun and Ieva Saudargaite Douaihi.

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