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Du 24/09/2021 à 00:00 jusqu'au 20/10/2021 à 00:00

Galerie Tanit inaugurated it's new space in Munich presenting the 2nd Chapter of Imaginary Cities.

Beirut as Project by Nadim Asfar in collaboration with Antoine Atallah explores Beirut as imagined and constantly re-imagined by its inhabitants.


"When we started thinking of *Imaginary Cities*, the first image that surged was that of Beirut.

Beirut can be compared to a palimpsest city, a document where things are constantly erased and

replaced, superposed or superimposed; context is simultaneously done and undone in a single

action. Every period of the city’s history altered, destroyed or covered parts and layers of what had

been built just a few decades earlier. This constant rewriting explains part of Beirut’s rich

complexity, but also generates its disconcerting instability.


Beirut’s present is inescapably a very short instance, a film-like fabric stretched in the thin gap that

separates past and future. We dwell in instants that are lost in shapeless time periods.

Consequently, one feels ever navigating between where “were we”, where “will we be” and where

« are we now”? “Where are we now?” is an acrobatic time-lapse.

Beirut is like an endless project. Spaces are improbable, unthinkable charades impossible to solve."


Imaginary Cities is an ongoing project with Galerie Tanit inviting artists to collaborate with other cultural practitioners and delve into their deepest imaginations, use their current experiences and their lifelong research to reinvent cities through the prism of reveries and realities, memories and projections, the magical, the playful, and the futuristic…

It unfolds in several chapters at Tanit’s space in Munich until March 2022.



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