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Visites Guidées

06/05/2023 à 11:30

Date: Saturday 6 May 2023

Hour: 11:30 pm

Place:  Art on 56th

Language : English

Duration: 1h00

Registration: (78) 959670 ;


The visit is free of charge - Booking is required.

Number of participants is limited.


The tour will be guided by Mahmoud Hamadani


Born in Iran in 1958, Mahmoud Hamadani is known for his delicate monochromatic ink drawings. Hamadani’s work is inspired by his desire to explore the space at the intersection between art and life, focusing on depicting intangible concepts such as the attainment of peace and enlightenment.

In his latest exhibition, Repetitions and Variations, Hamadani’s work takes on another aspect, that of the musical score. Inspired by the rhythm and movements of music, specifically the works of Johann Sebastian Bach, his drawings feature rhythmic patterns set within a simple structure. According to the artist, without freedom, art cannot thrive, but without structure, no system is sustainable.


Hamadani works have been shown at The British Museum in London, The New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York, and have been featured in both solo and group exhibitions in New York, London, Paris, Dubai, Lausanne and Hong Kong.

His works are included in the permanent collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The British Museum, and he is a recipient of Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant. Hamadani currently lives and works in New York City.


The show will feature his most recent body of ink drawings.

Paying tribute to his love for music, Hamadani’s drawings in the series Requiem are rooted in lyricism. Inspired by the melodies of Johann Sebastian Bach, the works are akin to visual interpretations of Bach’s music. The minimalistic, monochromatic compositions play with the iconography of notes, and serve as partitions that guide his creative process. Through iterations and variations, Hamadani constructs his own visual rhythm, a silent symphony that comes alive in the mind. In their intricacy, formality, variety and symmetry the drawings evoke Fugues.


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