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Du 30/04/2024 à 19:00 jusqu'au 21/09/2024 à 21:00

Chaque Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi, Jeudi, Vendredi et Samedi jusqu'au 21 septembre 2024

Conceived as a way to reflect on the 15 year anniversary of Beirut Art Center and what it can continue to offer, FORESHADOWS includes five new commissions that reflect and speculate about a present and a future. The artists have been invited with the prompt to think of the past in the present, the present in/and the future. While the exhibition is not thematic, one loose common thread that has emerged between the commissions is primarily encapsulated in a concern for “Energy”. Energy as something that is constant, that is neither created nor destroyed or disappears but that constantly transforms according to surrounding forces and conditions. The works presented reflect on personal stories and experiences over time, as well as preoccupations with lived reality and a hereafter in continuous flux.

Artists: Afram, Alaa Mansour, Karine Wehbé, Maissa Maatouk, Roy Samaha



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