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Film Night : Carlos Nader


27/05/2022 à 19:30

For the 2nd edition of Gian Spina's film night at Barzakh, we will be screening Carlos Nader's biographical documentary on Brazilian-Syrian poet Waly Salomão.

Film length: 82 minutes long
Language: Portuguese
Subtitles: English

Pan-Cinema Permanente (2008)

A documentary about the late Brazilian-Syrian poet Waly Salomão, a man who believed that life is a fiction movie. The film begins with Waly's return to Syria and traces his poetic life through his adventures and travels. For Waly, poetry was a daily tool to unmask any pretension of naturalism. The film follows Waly's strong conviction and how it deeply influenced his friends. Amongst them, fellow poet Antonio Cícero, musician Caetano Veloso and the film’s director, Carlos Nader, that has been documenting Waly’s life for nearly 15 years. Nader poses the question: how to make a documentary about someone who believes everything is fiction?

About the filmmaker: Carlos Nader - Born 1964 - Sao Paulo, Brazil is a multimedia artist, writer, and editor. His work has been screened on television, in museums, and in festivals internationally. Nader addresses issues of national culture and personal identity with humor and experimentation



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