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30/03/2024 à 20:00

Calling all metalheads, from the seasoned veterans of old-school thunder to the fierce enthusiasts of the new generation! We know you're ready to unleash your inner roar and headbang like there's no tomorrow

Eulogy Vol. 1 descends upon KED beirut on March 30th for the Eulogy Vol. 1 event, a night of metal mayhem featuring unforgettable performances, unparalleled talent, and a celebration of the timeless spirit of rock and metal


Here's a glimpse of the lineup that promises to deliver an electrifying fusion of genres, from groove metal to theatrical extravagance:

Wrath: Groove Metal Titans

Genre: Groove Metal

Wrath emerges from the heart of Lebanon with a thunderous presence. With a decade-long journey behind them, they command the stage with their epic shows and killer riffs. Brace yourself as Wrath sets the tone for an explosive night of metal mastery.


Denying Salvation: Metalcore/Deathcore Sensation

Genre: Metalcore/Deathcore

Brace yourself for the intense onslaught of Denying Salvation. This band delivers a relentless barrage of metalcore and deathcore, hitting you with a sonic assault that will leave you breathless. With their ferocious energy and blistering instrumentals, Denying Salvation knows how to ignite a mosh pit like no other.


SandarameT: Theatrical Metal Maestros

Genre: Theatrical Metal

From creating the concept of this metal night to the recent release of their electrifying songs "The Confession" and "Descendent" from the upcoming album "1666," SandarameT showcases their evolution as musical storytellers. These haunting melodies and powerful lyrics offer a glimpse into the dark and captivating world they've crafted, promising an immersive experience that will linger long after the final note fades. Get ready to be spellbound as SandarameT unleashes its latest creations and takes you on a journey through the depths of its imagination.


Borrowed Time: Progressive Metalcore Pioneers

Genre: Progressive Metalcore

With their recent release of Bastille and another on the way, keep your eyes on the horizon as Borrowed Time prepares to unleash their debut album, "Though The Earth Gives Way." With their unique blend of progressive elements and metalcore intensity, they stand poised to redefine the genre. Join them as they offer a glimpse into their upcoming release and leave their mark on the metal scene.


Closing Act Experience:

Jack Khamo & BaiiJoune: Metal and Electronic Fusion (Metalstep/Dubstep/DnB)

Prepare for a mind-bending collaboration between the talented drummer Jack Khamo and BaiiJoune as they blend metal with electronic beats to create a unique sonic experience. Prepare to be taken on a journey through bass music, blending Metal with Dubstep and DnB.


Tickets available at Ihjoz






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