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Earthing Journey Ehden


11/07/2020 à 08:00

Sports 4 Life & Avedis Kalpaklian (Mountain Guru) in association with John Saad present :

“Earthing Day” a Hiking journey like no other featuring Maya Abou Chedid (Shamanic Practitioner) who will guide you into connecting with your inner nature by connecting with the land and nature all around !.

The Hike 

• Location : Horsh Ehden , North, Lebanon 
• Guide : Avedis Kalpaklian (Everest Summiteer) 
• Date : July 11th, 2020
• Hiking Level : Easy to Moderate 
• Overall Distance : 8 Km
• Total Cumulative Ascent : 250m 
• Level 4 
• Min Altitude 1,285m / Max Altitude : 1,525m
• Time & Meeting Point : Paul Ghazir Highway at 8am Sharp 

The Journey 

• Part 1 (about 4 Kms) will take us from our departure point to our destination, located next to the “Ain El Naassa” Water Spring (A Spring is a place where ground water flows naturally out of the ground). We will pass by it after about 45 Minutes / 1.5Km. 

• As we reach our destination, we will be relaxing in the middle of the forest, and have some snacks. 

• “Earthing Ceremony” with Maya Abou Chedid for about 45 minutes 

• Bonding and relaxing after the ceremony for about 15 minutes

• Part 2 (about 4 Kms) will take us back to our departure point 

Sports 4 Life will provide the following :

• Pure Natural Energy Snacks from Nutriform Clinic by Nicole Eid• Beautiful Bjorg trendy tote Bags inclusive of 3 Bjorg goodies for you to enjoy anytime during the journey (“Lait d'Amande Chocolat Bio” + 1 “Barre de Céréales Bio” + "Galettes de Riz au Chocolat Noir Bio”). @bjorg.officiel

• Empty Bags for those who wish to pick up some trash whenever needed 

“Earthing Day” is a John Saad (Nature & Hiking Enthusiast) ‘concept hiking’ production 


• 85,000 LBP / person (all inclusive) 
• 5,000 LBP / person will be added for the reserve entrance 
• 90,000 LBP

Ask for our Nutriform Clinic personalized Lunches for an extra 30,000 LBP 

To cope with COVID-19 safety measures


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