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Du 01/07/2020 à 00:00 jusqu'au 31/08/2020 à 00:00

Born in 1960, Jean-Philippe Duboscq lives and works in Brussels. In Duboscq’s current work, we feel a will to bring vivid matter as close as possible to the physical limitations and to free himself from control and from composition to give space to the unexpected. The artist creates a world in a bebop tempo, blurred, made of saturated colors and modified rhythms, of which the space in perspective opens to an internal light.

2019-PA-05-08, 2019
Blue ink on torn canvas folded and stapled on stretcher frame
180 x 240 cm


Rob Tucker is a New Zealand artist living and working in Auckland. His paintings have collected much admiration internationally, thanks to his confident use of scale, tone and color... Within these confines he is open to push the borders of his aesthetic choices, resulting in big, bold and exuberant paintings.

Tropical Gingerbread and Scones are Best on the Beach, 2018
Mixed media on board
160 x 140 x 4.5 cm


Born in Buenos Aires in 1981, Franco Fasoli (also known as Jaz) is one of the best known and most talented artists on the Argentinian scene. One of the most striking aspects of his work is its exploration of materials and scale. From large-format paintings in public spaces through to smaller works on bronze and paper, his art feeds on the fluctuation of contexts and resources. Multiple forms of individual and collective identity form the sociological backbone of his work.

Morning Neighbor Music Sounds, 2019
Collage on canvas
80 x 65 cm


Dave McDermott’s (B.1974 Santa Cruz, US) work embodies his distinctive approach to painting, consistently seeking to enlarge the medium’s inherent limitations and enduring easy classification, while developing an identifiable visual language within its own diverse nature.

“Femme" - A Rake's Progress, 2011
Yarn, tolex, nitrocellulose lacquer, oil, canvas, digital prints on panel
198.2 x 154.6 cm


Melgaard was born in Sydney to Norwegian parents, raised in Oslo, Norway, and works and lives in New York. Currently, his practice involves an emphasis on expressionistic paintings and drawings, often containing text.

Oil paint, stapled canvas sections, charcoal, coloured pencil, graphite, cd cover and booklet on canvas
200 x 200 cm


Taylor White is an American artist born in 1978. His work was included in various exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, Madrid and London, among others.

Activate Biscuts, Use Diamond Shiel
Acrylic, oil, charcoal, spray paint, paper and sewing on canvas
226 x 193 cm

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