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17/09/2023 à 16:00

Culture and Art: For the first time, the Lebanese National Theater organizes the Deaf Cinema Week


The Tiro Association of the Arts and the Istanbouli Theater announced the implementation of "Deaf Cinema Week" at the free Lebanese National Theater in Tripoli on September 17th under the slogan "Cinema for All." Deaf Cinema Week is the first of its kind in the city and Lebanon and is open to everyone free of charge. Movies are translated into sign language, including short movies prepared by deaf trainees in cooperation with the Cinema Everywhere institution. In addition to this, training workshops will be held in the theater dedicated to people with special needs.


The actor, director, and founder of the Lebanese National Theater, Kassem Istanbouli, confirmed that "the continuation of free film screenings and training workshops despite all the crises around us is an important opportunity to meet. It is also an opportunity for the audience to get acquainted with different cultures around the world, so that art is a right for everyone, especially those with special needs. We must empower them and develop their abilities through the arts."


Moreover, the Tiro Association for Arts (TAA), which is led by youth and volunteers, aims to establish free and independent cultural forums in Lebanon. That is, by renovating Al Hamra and Stars Cinema in Nabatieh and Rivoli Cinema in Tyre, which became the Lebanese National Theater, the first free theater and cinema in Lebanon, as well as Empire Cinema in Tripoli, which became the Lebanese National Theater in that city. TAA also implements artistic training workshops for children and youth, opens and renovates cultural forums, and organizes festivals, activities, and artistic exhibitions. In addition to this, the association screens artistic and educational movies for children and youth and works on maintaining partnerships with international festivals, as well as granting young directors the opportunity to screen their movies and letting people get acquainted with the history of cinema and local and international performances. The Lebanese International Theater Festival, the Watch Lebanon in Mobile Cinema Festival, the Tripoli International Theater Festival, the Tyre International Music Festival, the Lebanese International Theater Festival for Storytelling, the Tyre International Short Film Festival, the Tyre International Fine Arts Festival, the Tyre Cultural Days Festival, the Lebanese International Theater Festival for Women’s Monodrama, the Lebanese International Theater Festival for Contemporary Dance, the Tiro International Arts Festival, and the Lebanese Epic Theater Festival are among the festivals that TAA implements.


Check out the following link about the Lebanese National Theater in Tripoli:


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