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Chidi Kwubiri


Du 04/01/2021 à 00:00 jusqu'au 04/02/2021 à 00:00

Renowned Nigerian painter Chidi Kwubiri is an artist whose oeuvre is instantly recognizable and internationally revered. With an incredibly unique signature style, he addresses global migration issues reinforcing power and hope against sociopolitical tensions. With his bold and outstanding interpretations, he touches on the impact of music on global youth movements by decoding cross - generational rhythms, culture, and political consciousness.
Over his prolific career, Chidi has developed a process of dripping paints on canvas to create a series of dots that form his images. Oscillating between the figurative and the abstract, he forms faces, bodies, and masks using bright and expressive colors.
Normally I work with shades of one set of colors and the artwork comes out quite monochrome. My range of colors is unlimited, but the choice of colors for a particular work always strongly correspond with the message of the motive.”
At close inspection, his paintings rely on the elemental physical foundation of paint in a pointillist approach.
With a master’s degree in Fine Arts from the Art Academy Dusseldorf, Chidi has spent the last 25 years exhibiting globally at prestigious galleries and museums all around the world.


Chidi’s artworks are currently displayed on the following link:



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