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Cabriolet Film Festival : Dare


Du 24/07/2020 à 20:00 jusqu'au 26/07/2020 à 20:00

Truth or Dare? No. We are changing the name of the game this year.
Dare to speak the truth and nothing but the truth no matter how hard it is; no matter how scared and defenseless you think you are. Dare to advocate for integrity and stop misinformation and the spread of fake news. Dare to be a change maker on any scale your influence can reach. Dare to take your responsibilities and fight your own demons. Dare to free yourself from unnecessary physical and emotional burdens. Dare to make the world a better place…

Is the theme of Cabriolet Film Festival’s 12th edition challenging enough for you? 
The space the festival provides keeps on pushing the boundaries for freedom of expression and for the exchange of ideas, perceptions and experiences.

Join us on this daring and bold experience and watch short films from Lebanon and around the world.

Open Air Event - Free Entrance 


Pour en savoir plus, lire notre entretien avec le fondateur Brahim Samaha



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