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Bookyard in Byblos!


Du 07/10/2023 à 10:00 jusqu'au 08/10/2023 à 10:00

Join us in celebrating 10 years of Bookyard in Byblos!

October 2013 was our first book market in jbeil

We had a stroll of old books, vintage editions, second hand marvels!

It was the beginning of a long story, to tell and retell.


This year in October 2023, we are celebrating a legacy, not only of books and culture, but also of people, supporters, friends, book lovers, and above all, we are commemorating our beloved who passed, and had their indelible mark.


Unforgettable 10 years with ups and downs, like all of us Lebanese, with sadness and happiness, with desillusions and hope, and we keep that hope.

Thank you everyone for your support, help and appreciation in our events, a lot of you gave and gave without measure, and that we will never forget.

We are waiting for you to have a toast on the weekend of October 7 and 8


LieuBookyard Byblos





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