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20/12/2023 à 20:00

In solidarity with Palestine and the Palestinian people, Beirut Chants festival is joining the call for a worldwide strike on Monday. The concert of Louisa El Khoury (soprano) and Khalil Chahine (organ) is thus postponed until December 20th.



Artist's Biography

Khalil Chahine Biography:

Khalil Chahine’s musical life began as a boy soprano. He joined the International College Choir, receiving an AMIS veteran status in 2017 for continued participation and excellence in the AMIS High School Honor Choir. As a tenor, he has performed choral works from the baroque, romantic, and contemporary eras with the AUB Choir and Choral Society and Le Choeur de l’USJ, under the direction of Thomas Kim (PhD) and Yasmina Sabbah (M.Mus) respectively. This landed him as a two-time recipient of the Rosemarie Haggar Choral Award (2018, 2020). Khalil is a cabinet member of the AUB Classical Music Club and a regular performer in the Club’s concerts. He graduated with a BS in Biology and a double minor in Music and Philosophy in 2021, and is currently a third-year medical student at AUB. His epiphany came in 2014, when he discovered the organ, otherwise known as “the king of instruments.” In 2017, he spearheaded the organization of a concert with the United Strings of Europe ensemble and conductor Franck Fontcouberte, accompanying them on the organ. Studying the works of great composers and music theory with Vartan Agopian (PhD), inspired him to take up composition. Performed works from his output include Ave Maria (2018), Der Musensohn (2019), and Christ’s Nativity (2019). In 2022, he presented his organ work Variations on Alma Mater alongside timeless treasures of the organ repertoire. Khalil has received masterclasses with Lebanese organist Dr. Naji Hakim, and spends his summers studying the organ with Maître Frédéric Blanc, organiste titulaire de Notre Dame d’Auteuil Paris, France


Louisa El Khoury, Biography

Louisa El Khoury is a Lebanese opera singer and pianist. She started learning piano at the age of 8 and singing opera at the age of 18, coached by Toufic Maatouk, and had master classes by international artists Catherina Di Tonno and Joyce Khoury. Having a powerful Dramatic Soprano voice, a stunning vocal range, and a passion for performing, she has been able to establish a strong connection with her audience and build an incredible reputation in the industry that enabled her to succeed on local and regional levels. Louisa has been a soloist with the Lebanese Orchestra, 2013-2016, and with the USJ choir, 2016-2019 where she regularly performed at high-profile events and ceremonies. In the past years, Louisa has been numerously featured in international events and performed in Italy, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Oman. In 2020, Louisa joined the NDU Choir and has been an active member ever since. Recently, Louisa has been a featured soloist in Beirut Chants annual events. To inspire and encourage others to follow their passion, Louisa teaches piano and singing for individuals from different age groups and she has held numerous events to showcase the talents she’s nurturing.


Due to the circumstances, the program might change, please check always the website



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