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19/12/2022 à 20:00

Fayha National Choir conducted by Maestro Barkev Taslakian, was established in 2003 in Tripoli, North Lebanon. In 2016, the choir established his second branch in Beirut. It also has set foot outside Lebanon in 2017 and founded another branch in Cairo, Egypt. In 2018 it started his fourth branch in Chouf, Mount Lebanon.
In 2022 Fayha was declared by the Lebanese ministry of culture to be the first National choir of Lebanon.
The choir is internationally recognized as a standard for Arabic Acapella singing. Its repertoire is composed of Latin, Armenian, French, and English, but mainly Arab music from different heritages which include Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian, Palestinian, Iraqi, Bedouin, Andalusian, Kuwaiti, Saudi, Tunisian, Morrocan…
Fayha became the first resource of choir arrangements for Arab Music from different Arab regions.
The choir includes about 100 singers, who represent the Lebanese and Arab community with most of its spectrum and religious, political, social and geographical affiliations.
The Choir aims to:
- Develop and spread Arabic Music and express its richness
- Reflect the real and civilized image of Lebanon the Arab Countries through promoting its music
- Promote collective singing in Arab region
Fayha Choir has performed all around Lebanon and represented it in festivals in different countries around the world like Poland, Abu Dhabi, Armenia, Nagorni Gharapagh, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Syria, France, Canada, China, Qatar, Cyprus, Bahrain, Kuwait, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Sharjah, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Dubai, Greece, etc.
So far, Fayha National Choir’s best achievement are:
- Winning the first two prizes at the “International Warsaw Choir Festival 2007": Best Choir and Best Conductor. The choir had previously won the second prize at that same festival in 2005
- Winning first prize at Choir
- Fest Middle East Dubai 2016, and second prize in 2018
- Winning first prize at Music and the Sea Festival 2016 in Greece
- Winning Music Rights Award from the International Music Council in 2016; a recognition for the choir’s involvement in the social and moral support of refugees through choir singing trainings
Fayha National Choir, after being famous for gathering young singers representing Lebanese people with different backgrounds, started transferring its experience to psycho-social support and peace building projects all around the country. Many projects were implemented in coordination with national and international NGOs to achieve social cohesion and peace building for local citizens including, children, youth, women, Palestinian and Syrian refugees and other target groups, all through collective singing.
Today Fayha National Choir is an official member of the most important choral associations in the world: “International Federation for Choral Music” (IFCM), "European Choral Association-Europa Cantat" and "Arab Choral Network".
Fayha National Choir is the only choir in the world that prepares and presents a radio talk-show on weekly basis focused on music and choir singing – “With Fayha” Program, Lebanon National Radio Station.



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