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04/12/2022 à 20:00

Abeer Nehme’s exceptional vocal talents and her unique performances of various traditional Arabic, Western and World music, labelled Abeer as one of the best singers to rise from the Middle East. Her musical experience goes beyond being a performing artist, she is also a professional music composer with a rich portfolio of achievements. She is the first artist from the Middle East to sign an international record deal with Universal Music MENA. (2017-2018).
Till date, Abeer has recorded 3 studio albums produced by Universal Music MENA and is working with them on her fourth album. Being the main Middle Eastern artist at Universal Music, Abeer has filmed and released already 5 music videos along various lyric videos with 3 others in the pipeline schedule until 2022.
Her music videos have reached more than 3 million views within a few weeks of their release date, over all the main musical platforms.
Abeer Nehme entered the world of television, leaving her unique mark by preparing and presenting herself a forty film-documentaries entitled "Ethnopholia Musiqa Al Chou‘oub” [Ethnopholia music of the nations], a documentary first of its kind in the region and even the world, in which Abeer travels across the four corners of the globe searching for the roots and origins of cultures, folk and ethnic music and interacting with the people by singing their songs, cooking their food, dancing their dances and observing their culture and traditions in all their aspects in order to produce and create this one-of-a-kind documentary.
The documentary was filmed over 6 years since 2012 under the supervision of the international artistic director Alain Weber — Alain Weber, the Philharmonie de Paris and Fes Festival of World Sacred Music’s artistic director, who has been immersed in Arabic and Oriental folk music for well over 30 years.
Abeer Nehme was also hosted on the National Turkish Television [The Turkish Radio & Television Corporation-TRT] as a guest and leading performer in one of the most prestigious musical and cultural television programs, "One Thousand and One Nights", and was accompanied by the Turkish Orchestra through the course of 2 years since 2010.
Abeer Nehme’s extensive musical culture that came due to her substantial career, travels and deep knowledge of different arts & customs, made of her a researcher, musicologist, performer and singer who traveled the world singing with prominent indigenous artists on major theaters and concert halls.
She is undoubtedly the only Arab singer – and one of the few singers worldwide - to perform in more than twenty-seven languages. Abeer understands, lives and sings each language. This makes of her the emissary of cultural and musical dialogue in the region. Her advanced knowledge and art position her as a true messenger of civilizational, cultural and artistic dialogue that transcends boundaries and attracts lovers of all musical styles.
These 27 languages are: Afghani/Tadjiki, Amazighi, Arabic, Aramaic, Armenian, Azeri, Bengali, Coptic, English, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Kurdish, Latin, Nubian, Potuguese, Romani, Sardinian, Spanish, Sudani, Swedish, Turkish…
In the year 2000, Abeer was awarded the Academic Prize of the Lebanese Divo Wadih El-Safi.
Abeer also received the Honor Award by the Apostoliki Diakonia, Greece, 2007. In 2010, she also won the Murex D’or for her exceptional voice and performance in the Arab world.
She also received in 2010 the Arab Radios Union Golden Award for the best environmental song of the year in the Arab world “Faha Al-Shaza”.
Abeer also snatched two Murex D'or in 2018, one for her single “Waynak” as the song of the year as well as one for her exceptional 40-episodes documentary "Ethnopholia Musiqa Al Chou‘oub” [Ethnopholia Music of Nations].
In 2018, Indian Prime HE Minister Narendra Modi, the Indian minister for external affairs HE Subrahmanyam Jaishankar and the Indian embassy of Lebanon requested from Abeer to sing a rendition of “Vaishnav Jan To…” A tribute to Mahatma Gandhi. Abeer sang this prayer on Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary and gave a concert with the presence of Indian officials and Gandhi’s grandson. The prayer is Narsi Mehta’s 15th century poem in Old Gujarati,which was adopted by Mahatma Gandhi into the roster of prayers routinely sung at the Sabarmati ashram.
Abeer received a distinctive award from the Indian government and embassy in a televised ceremony at the center of Beirut through which Abeer also sang “Vaishnav Jan To” in front of Lebanese and Indian diplomats and officials.
On 25 June 2021, the World Council of Arameans (Syriacs) (“WCA”) announced Abeer Nehme, as the WCA Goodwill Ambassador for the Aramaic Cultural Heritage.
The rich and still living cultural legacy of the Aramean people is older than 3,000 years. Yet, it remains poorly known to both its heirs and the world, whereas experts warn that its existence is threatened. Against this background, WCA proudly presented Abeer Nehme as its Goodwill Ambassador for the Aramaic Cultural Heritage to help overcome these challenges.
Abeer has always been a member of the ancient Aramaic tradition, presenting the Aramaic chants, culture and songs throughout all her concerts, performances and masterclasses. Abeer has taken it upon herself to inspire and motivate fellow Arameans, particularly the youth, to learn more about, and value their unique cultural heritage.
Abeer has also occupied the position of Goodwill Ambassador to Roads for Life in 2016 and 2017. Roads For Life – the Talal Kassem Fund for Post Accident Care is a nonprofit organization established in 2011 in memory of Talal Kassem, a young 17-year-old boy who was killed by a ranging driver while crossing the road on his way to school. The NGO strives to help save as many lives as possible across Lebanon and to increase the victims’ chances of survival following an accident, known as “The Golden Period of Trauma”.
Abeer performed a fundraising concert at the UNESCO palace in 2016 to raise awareness and help the NGO. She also recorded a song that depicts the importance of road safety.
In 2014, Abeer composed and sang the album “Al-Mutanabbi...Mousafiran Abadan” produced by the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority, celebrating Abu Ttayyeb Al Mutanabbi’s life. The album contained 3 songs showcasing Al Mutanabbi’s most important poems where Abeer sings in 4 different languages (Arabic, French, English and German)
Abeer released and performed the songs of “Al-Mutanabbi...Mousafiran Abadan” album, accompanied by Al Mutanabbi’s poetry at the Opening of Abu Dhabi International Book Fair at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, UAE
In 2018, Abeer composed the Sheikh Zayed Book Award theme [Jingle], produced by the Sheikh Zayed Book Award Committee.
Throughout her career, Abeer featured as the leading actress and singer in major theater productions such as:
-       2018: Black and White
Produced by 59 Productions UK at the  Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Center, Kuwait (JACC)
Directed by Hisham Jaber
Abeer in the leading role of “Shalimar”, in a Broadway like production evoking memories from the golden age of Arabic Cinema, in a theatrical show featuring set and projection design that combines music and live performance with the participation of Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Center’s orchestra.
-       2015: The Enchanted Forest
Produced by Caracalla Dance Theatre at the Tannourine International Festival, Lebanon
Directed by Ivan Caracalla
Abeer in the leading female role, in a musical dance production. The storyline contains depiction of Mother Nature in the personification of the four elements, all in the Cedars forest of Tannourine. The end realization is that Mother Nature doesn’t need us, humans to thrive, but we cannot live without it.
-       2014: The Conference of the Birds
Produced by the Fes World Sacred Music Festival in Bab Makina, Morocco
Directed by Thierry Poquet
Abeer in the leading role of the Hoopoe Bird that leads 13 other birds onto different stages of life, looking to meet the Simurg , only to discover that the Symurgh has always been inside their hearts. The birds symbolize people of the world & the Symurgh is a Persian mythological figure that symbolizes God Jbara, A. (Director). (2013). Nouqaddimou Lakum Watan [We offer you a nation] [Musical]
-       2013 We Offer You a Nation
Produced by Liban Patrimoine at the Casino du Liban, Lebanon
Directed by Antoine Ghandour
Abeer in the leading role of “Majdouline” in a musical depicting the real-life story of Patriarch Elias Hoayek, Father of modern Lebanon It is an emotional play that touches on the most decisive time in the Lebanese history, and interweaves personal stories and historical accuracies seamlessly.
-       2010 Eela
Produced by Elias Rahbani at the Palais des Congrès, Lebanon
Directed by Ghassan RahbaniAbeer in the leading role of “Sola” in a romantic musical about the eternal fight of good vs. evil. Eela is a virtual city in year 1544, a symbol of oppression, fear and pent-up joy. Eela the musical is a tribute to Lebanon and everything it went through. Eela is a reminder that hope and love will always prevail no matter the hardships.
-       2007 Andalusia, the Jewel of the World
Produced by Elias Rahbani at the Social Development Center, Qatar
Abeer in the leading female role in a musical inspired by the blending of cultures and religions in an Andalusian atmosphere, which was characterized by cultural tolerance. This musical depicts a major historical moment where all monotheistic religions meet on stage, under the patronage of  Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al-Misnad.
Besides that, Abeer has toured the world performing in the most prestigious concert halls, opera houses and theaters along with the biggest and most important and talented orchestras around the globe. Abeer has performed through major festivals around the world such as:
- Master Class Trainer at the Global Musician Workshop
- Silkroad Project, New England Conservatory’s Jordan Hall, Boston, USA, 2022
- Aix En Provence International Festival, France, 2022
- Cultural Foundation Theater, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2021
- Guest speaker at the 31st Abu Dhabi International Book Fair with panelists Emirati filmmaker and poet Nujoom Al Ghanem and Egyptian actress
- Lamia Karam. Abeer discussed the topic From Isolation to Inspiration at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (Adnec), UAE, 2021
- Downtown Beirut, Lebanon, 2020
- World Music to Dilmun at the opening of the Bahrain 29th Music Festival, Bahrain Fort Museum, Bahrain, 2020
- Solidarity with Beirut after the August 4 explosion, in the heart of the capital, Lebanon, 2020
- Muziekcentrum De Wilmersberg Zaal, Enschede, Netherlands, 2019
- Finalist at the Aga Khan Music Awards, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Portugal, 2019
- Södertälje Stadsscen, Sweden, 2019
- An open-air concert gathering more than 50,000 persons at Al Abbasiyyin Square, Damascus, Syria, 2019
- Accompanied by the National Arab Orchestra, Hill Auditorium, Houston, USA, 2019
- Jerash International Festival, Jordan, 2019
- Mashta El Hilou, Syria, 2019
- Casino du Liban, Lebanon, 2019
- Lebanese Diaspora Energy, present were world leaders as well as the Lebanese president, BIEL, Lebanon, 2019
- Accompanied by the Syrian National Symphony Orchestra, Damascus Opera House, Syria, 2019
- Balaton, Hungary, 2019      
- Vesprém, Hungary, 2019
- St. Mattias Cathedral, Hungary, 2019
- Diplomatic Christmas Celebration, present were ambassadors & diplomats of Lebanon, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lebanon, 2018
- Tartus Museum, Syria, 2018    
- Odeon Theater, Jordan, 2018
- Hommage aux Grandes Divas Orientales, Philharmonie de Paris, France, 2018
- Tannourine International Festival, Lebanon, 2017
- Cedars International Festival Operetta, with prominent Lebanese singers, Lebanon, 2017
- Inauguration of the St. Charbel shrine, present were US diplomats and Vice President, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York, USA, 2017
- IDC Summit, St. Matthew the Apostle Cathedral, Washington, 2017
- International NAM Meeting, Greenville, USA, 2017
- UN-ESCWA yearly meeting, UN-ESCWA Headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon, 2017
- Palais des Congrès, Lebanon, 2017
- Les Sacrées Journées International Festival, Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune Cathedral, Strasbourg, France, 2017
- Accompanied by the Belgian National Orchestra, Bozar Theater, Belgium, 2016
- Accompanied by the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra, UNESCO Palace, Lebanon, 2016
- Arab World Festival in Montreal, Place des Arts, Montréal, Canada, 2016
- Erbil, Iraq, 2016
- Baalbeck International Festival, Lebanon, 2016
- Galicia, Spain, 2016
- Orientale Lumen, accompanied by the Szent Ephraim Male Choir, Saint Stephen Basilica, Budapest, Hungary, 2016
- Ya Naseem Al Reeh, Philharmonie de Paris, France, 2016
- Accompanied by the National Radio Orchestra of Bucharest. Sala Radio Theater, Romania, 2016
- Fez International Festival of World Sacred Music, Bab Makina, Morocco, 2016
- Al Genaina Theater, Egypt, 2016
- Accompanied by the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra, Pierre Abou Khater Theater, Lebanon, 2015
- Cedars International Festival, accompanied by the Notre Dame University Choir, Lebanon, 2015
- Orientale Lumen, accompanied by the Szent Ephraim Male Choir, Saint Stephen Basilica, Budapest, Hungary, 2016
- Harvard University, USA, 2015
- Accompanied by the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra, Kilden Performing Arts Centre, Norway, 2015
- Monte Carlo, Monaco, 2015
- Our Lady of Lebanon Cathedral, USA, Chicago, 2015
- Tannourine International Festival - The Enchanted Forest, accompanied by Caracalla dance group, Lebanon, 2015
- Leyla Gencer Opera and Arts Center, Turkey, 2015
- Accompanied by the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, Katara Theater, Qatar, 2015
- Beirut Chants International Festival, Lebanon, 2015 - present
- Premio Andrea Parodi, Auditorium Comunale di Cagliari, Sardinia, 2014
- Byblos International Festival, Lebanon, 2014
- Carthage Festival, accompanied by the Tunisian Philharmonic Orchestra, Amphithéatre de Carthage, Tunisia, 2014
- El Jem Festival, accompanied by the Tunisian Philharmonic Orchestra, El Jem Amphitheater, Tunisia, 2014
- Bizerte Festival, accompanied by the Tunisian Philharmonic Orchestra, Tunisia, 2014
- Opening of the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music - Conference of the birds, Bab Makina, Morocco, 2014
- World Sufi Spirit Festival, Nagaur, India, 2014
- World Sufi Spirit Festival, Jodhput, India, 2014
- Hotel De Ville, Municipality of Paris, France, 2014
- Fez International Festival of World Sacred Music, Bab Makina, Morocco, 2013
- Blue Gate, Morocco, 2013
- Two Opening Nights of the Beiteddine Art Festival, Lebanon, 2013
- NAM International Convention, Tampa Marriott Water Street, Florida, USA, 2013
- Les Orientales Festival, Saint-Florent-le-Vieil, France, 2012
- Evora Festival, Portugal, 2012
- Palais des Congrès, Lebanon, 2012
- Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon, 2011
- Joint concert with Harilaos Taliadoros, Palais des Congrès Dbayeh, Lebanon, 2010
- Accompanied by the Syrian Philharmonic National Orchestra, Umayyad Palace Conference Hall, Damascus, Syria 2010
- Berlin State Opera, Germany
- Abuja, Nigeria      
- Aleppo Citadel, Syria
- Bosra, Roman Amphitheater, Syria
- Conference Palace, Syria
- Um Al Zenar Cathedral, Syria
- St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican



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